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Ste-Adèle Elementary School


NameWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Beauchamp, Kassandra Elementary Special Ed. Technician
Chicoine, Anna Cycle 3 Teacher Gr. 5/6
Clark, Peter Administration Principal & Resource
DeLuca, Carmelina Phys. Ed. Teacher & Resource
Favron, Laurie Administration School Secretary
Hellstrom, Kaitlyn Resource Teacher
Holdron, Cindy Cycle 1 Teacher Gr. 1
Horn, Adrian Janitorial Janitor
Howarth, Kathy Elementary Attendant & noon hour
Jacques, Emily Cycle 2 Teacher Gr. 3/4
Losier, Natalie Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten
Millar, Tamara Elementary Lunch Monitor
Patry-Cullen, France Elementary Attendant
Prévost, Fannie French Teacher
Provost, Manon Elementary Daycare
Reynolds Hamelin, Amanda   Cycle 1 Teacher Gr. 2
Sallie, Janet Kindergarten Teacher Pre-K


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