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Ste-Adèle Elementary School


Favron, Laurie Administration School Secretary
Gelinas, Luc Administration Principal
Prévost, Fannie Eve French Teacher
Amoroso, Annita Resource Teacher
Hellstrom, Kaitlyn Resource Teacher
Aldik, Jenna Elementary Teacher Gr. 3
Buck, Heidi Elementary Teacher Math & P.E.
Celestino, Laurie Elementary Daycare
Chicoine, Anna Elementary Teacher Gr. 5/6
Da Silva-Byford, Jade Elementary Teacher Gr. 4/5 & P.E.
DaluzCabral, Daphne Elementary Special Ed. Technician
Gould, Natalie Elementary Attendant & noon hour
Howarth, Kathy Elementary Lunch Monitor
Lafrance, Christine Elementary Daycare
Maynard-Lizotte, Kabe Elementary Attendant & noon hour
Patry-Cullen, France Elementary Attendant
Pilon, Brigitte Elementary Teacher Gr. 2
Provost, Manon Elementary Daycare Technician
Reynolds Hamelin, Amanda   Elementary Teacher Gr. 1
Trakakis, Kathy Elementary Attendant & noon hour
Meunier, Jean Claude Janitorial Janitor
Losier, Natalie Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten
Sallie, Janet Kindergarten Teacher Pre K


Word of the Day: HOMEBODY
Definition: (noun) One whose interests center on the home.

Synonyms: stay-at-home.

Usage: He was not merely a homebody, but a true agoraphobic who lived in fear of the outside world.