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Ste-Adèle Elementary School

Governing Board

Ste-Adèle's Governing Board is comprised of teachers, parents, support staff, community members and the school principal.  We meet regularly to discuss educational topics related to the general organization and running of the school.  Each meeting allows time for a general question period.  Anyone from the Ste-Adèle school community is invited to bring concerns and questions to our meetings.

For the 2023-2024 School Year, our Governing Board:

  • Principal - Luc Gélinas
  • Co-Chairperson, Parent - David Harper
  • Co-Chairperson, Parent - Sarah Blais
  • Secretary, Parent - Sarah Côté
  • Parent - Vanessa Durocher
  • Parent - Cynthia L-Sanders
  • Parent - Caroline Mera
  • Parent - Stephanie Belcourt (alternate)
  • Teacher - Natalie Losier
  • Teacher - Amanda Reynolds Hamelin
  • Support Staff - Daycare - Manon Provost
  • Support Staff - Natalie Gould
  • Support Staff - Kabe Maynard Lizotte


Word of the Day: HOMEBODY
Definition: (noun) One whose interests center on the home.

Synonyms: stay-at-home.

Usage: He was not merely a homebody, but a true agoraphobic who lived in fear of the outside world.