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Ste-Adèle Elementary School
Ste-Adèle Elementary School
Janet Sallie Teacher

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Welcome to the Grade 3/4 class!

City of Ste. Adele Vernissage [B8205] 

Wednesday, Jan. 31 is our end of the month reward.

Thursday, Feb. 1 is snowshoeing in the afternoon


LA homework Jan. 29-Feb. 2

Home reading as often as possible. Don't forget to complete your My Reading Life duo-tang.

Spelling tests on Thursday, Feb. 1.  Check the Spelling Words section of the website to find your list.



Extras: Practice your typing skills



Typing Websites:

Dance Mat Typing (BBC)

Alphamunchies (ABCya)

Cup Stacking Typing (ABCYa)

Keyboard Challenge (ABCYa)


Website of the week:



Video of the week:


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